USB thumb drive for transport between different OS

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USB thumb drive for transport between different OS

Post by Scholar »

I have a USB thumb drive that works with Windows 10, but is also compatible with Windows 8 and earlier (back to XP or Vista, I think--but, I'm sure of 10 and 8, because that is what I was interested in, since I am actively using both).

Can someone advise me: can I expect the thumb drive to go back and forth between the machines, with no issues? Or, does the compatibility list on the package mean that it will work with any one on the OS list, but that it will set itself to one of them when I use it and harden (so to speak) for use to that one? Will I be able to use it to carry documents from the 8.1 machine to the 10 machine, or will it only work on one OS level or the other?

I have my printer cable-attached to the Windows 8.1 desktop machine that I keep in my office, and I haven't made any attempts to set it up for wireless use. I'd like to be able to work on documents that I intend to print on that cabled printer, but I don't want to have to carry the laptop up and down the stairs. (I never realized that a walking stick is so inconvenient, insofar as it requires one hand to work it properly, leaving me only one hand for everything else, including safety use of the hand rail. I surely don't want to carry and possibly drop a laptop--but I can manage a thumb drive in my pocket.) The laptop is the Windows 10 machine.

I do have the same version of Open Office Suite on both machines, so as not to have slightly-different-software issues.

Some of you must have had more than one Windows OS at the same time, after the thumb drive tech had become well established. What say you?

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Re: USB thumb drive for transport between different OS

Post by Leigh »

Provided it is formatted as FAT32 then any machine as far back as w95 and before should be ok. If Formatted as NTFS then XP and beyond will still be fine.
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Re: USB thumb drive for transport between different OS

Post by Quaver »

Another way is to email the document to the other machine, if it is small enough, or save it online (google drive?) or send it via wetransfer.
No need for thumbdrive.

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Re: USB thumb drive for transport between different OS

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or bluetooth
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