The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay - Nicola May (Ok/G)

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The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay - Nicola May (Ok/G)

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Kindle book. A cheap kindle book picked at random looking for cheap books. It was the cover that appealed to me, and the assurance that it was a very nice read. Not in quotes, mind but words to that effect.

In the event, it was a nice read. Not a great read but I did enjoy it. She describes herself as "Chicklit with a kick"; which I only read after buying the book and having done so, felt somewhat committed. Rosa is going nowhere. Moving from one low paid job to another, regularly sacked for being late or incompetent. She lodges with sympathetic Josh who has more than a soft spot for her - partly encouraged by the odd BJ when she's drunk. But its a consenting arrangement. Nothing to do with love and a lot to do with friendship of a sort.

Then, out of the blue, Rosa is summoned to a solicitor's office and handed a briefcase with a combination lock. The code is her birthday and her benefactor is anonymous. Inside the case are the deeds to a corner shop in Devon, the eponymous "Cockleberry Bay". So we have our first mystery; the first of many.

Cockleberry Bay is not a large village. Everyone knows everyone else and everyone else's business. So Rosa falls at the first hurdle when she tries to keep her secret secret. lots of men and lots of sex (although not graphic sex) and lots of disappointments and upsets. Not a "whodunnit" more of a "whodidit". Two hit and runs, a pregnancy, a plumber and a liar. Oh, and a few dogs and a cat.

Interesting to read some sex scenes from a female point of view. Albeit a "liberated" female point of view.
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Re: The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay - Nicola May (Ok/G)

Post by marymary »

Aren’t we all liberated these days?

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Re: The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay - Nicola May (Ok/G)

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Most women i now are enslaved with chains of their own making. However, back to the book, I had a feeling it was serialised on Radio 4 several years ago but as it was only published in 2018 I must be mistaken.
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