The Woman who stole my life - Marion Keyes (OK)

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The Woman who stole my life - Marion Keyes (OK)

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I've read a few books by MK over the years. I love the Irish lilt and am quite up to speed with the colloquialisms. This had all that but lacked a bit of something I can't put my pen on.

Stella Sweeney catches a rare disease and spends months in intensive care on life support unable to move anything other than her eyelids. The specialist treating her devises a means of communication with her and is impressed by her stoicism.

The doctor, Mannix Taylor keeps a record of her aphorisms and publishes them in the form of a short book. The book finds its way into the hands of the wife of the Vice President in rehab and Stella is thrown into the limelight.

Can't say much more without spoiling it. But it's a love story with a side story of betrayal.
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Re: The Woman who stole my life - Marion Keyes (OK)

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I like Marion Keyes. I will see if it’s available at the library.

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