The Last Kingdom - Bernard Cornwell (G)

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The Last Kingdom - Bernard Cornwell (G)

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You can't have missed it on TV. One of the most exciting, gory extravagant period dramas that ever graced the BBC. Uhtred, son of Uhtred in all his battle hardened glory falling in and out of favour with Alfred the Great.

Well you've seen it on TV and now I've read the book. Typical Bernard Cornwell; no disappointment there. Uhtred, if you rember, is captured by the invading Danes and brought up as a son by Ragnar son of Ragnar. Until Ragnar is killed by one of his fellow Danes with a grudge. Then Uhtred, Dane Slayer switches sides to win the war for Wessex.

Cornwell has a bit at the end qualifying the story. But recent archeology has found little evidence of these mass battles and suggests that Danes and Saxons got on famously thank you very much. But why let the truth get in the way of a "Boy's Own" masterpiece?
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Re: The Last Kingdom - Bernard Cornwell (G)

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He forgot to mention that this is the first book we downloaded from the library. It had to be read on the samsung tablet as books can't be downloaded on a kindle in the UK only in the USA.

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