The Abduction (Theodore Boone) - John Grisham (OK)

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The Abduction (Theodore Boone) - John Grisham (OK)

Postby Little John » May 19th, 2017, 6:16 pm

Lady P found this in a charity shop and we were over the moon at finding a new Grisham. Its been quite a while since the last one and he is always a good read. But this one is different. Apparently Grisham has taking up writing children's books and this is one of them.

But it was ok. A lot more basic. No murders or violence or bad language - which was actually nice. Simply written but still gets the pages turning. In our absence, Theodore Boone has become a bit of a regular. 13 years old and the son of two lawyer parents in small town America. When April, Theo's school friend, goes missing in the middle of the night, everyone fears the worst. Then an escaped convict is seen in the town and it turns out that he's a relative of April's and was serving time for kidnap!

Then a body is found in the river and everyone thinks that's the end. Wont say too much because there is a plot and despite it being a children's book, its still a nice read so I won't spoil the ending. Only to say that it was a bit of an anti-climax. The Propian Plot Plan demands the villain to turn up for another go just when you think its all over- Think “Terminator” and every other thriller or horror film you've ever seen. But Grisham obviously hasn't done the course and it ends nicely with Theo saving himself from being grounded and in fact actually receiving a pat on the back.

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