Attention All Shipping - Charlie Connelly (G)

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Attention All Shipping - Charlie Connelly (G)

Postby Little John » June 20th, 2017, 7:25 am

This is a travelogue with a difference. But then aren't they all? As the title suggests, this one relates to the shipping forecast and the regions with the obscure names that we all grew up with and is still reassuringly there to comfort us in times of nostalgic need.

Just lent this book to a friend before attempting this review. So, lacking the ability to dip in for information and memory jogging, I just googled the book and came across a number of reviews. The results were interesting and a really mixed bag with lots of references to Bryson which, to be honest, was expected and forgiveable.

For me, it was a real find. I loved the style. Best new writer (for me) in a long time. I wasn't sure about the concept at first but Connelly's sense of humour at least rivals Bryson and soon had me on his side. The places his odyssey led him were not your usual tourist destinations. North and South Utsire for example have nothing to offer other than the dogged determination of their limited inhabitants to have a good time and eat shrimp.

I suppose judging by the mixed reviews its a case of horses for courses. But for me this one was Red Rum and Shergar rolled into one!

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