For We Are Many - Dennis E Taylor (VG)

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For We Are Many - Dennis E Taylor (VG)

Post by Little John »

Second book in the Bobiverse trilogy. The Bobiverse is a virtual universe inhabited by a sentient computer called Bob. Bob was killed in a car accident in the 20th century but, as a birthday treat, had paid for his brain to be removed from his body and frozen in the whimsical hope of reincarnation in the future. And it worked. Sort of.

All that was explained in the first book "We are Legion (We are bob)". Since then, Bob has cloned himself and his starship - Heaven 1 - and his clones are spread all over the Galaxy looking for inhabitable planets to move the human race after the Earth was doomed by the aftermath of an international nuclear war. During the process, Bob and his clones, come across various forms of intelligent life on other planets and the odd rival sentient computer - some hostile and some more friendly. But its book II that we see the first major encounter and battle with "The Others".

The "Others" have a society that resembles bees. They are highly technically advanced and scour the galaxy looking for raw materials to expand their "hive" and harvest living creatures for food.

The prose isn't pretty but its page turning and nice. I read this over the Easter weekend. Although there are 300 pages, there are some very short chapters and hence a lot of blank space at the beginning and end of each so maybe its a bit less than 300 actual pages of text. All the same, it was hard to put down and I had to ration myself to try to make it last until Monday.

Highly recommended to the sci fi fan.
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Re: For We Are Many - Dennis E Taylor (VG)

Post by marymary »

Interestingly, my S2 science class are studying space and one task was to create a new habitable planet and explain why the environment was the way it was. One group called their planet Bob, because of this book.

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