The Final Reckoning -Sam Bourne (ok)

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The Final Reckoning -Sam Bourne (ok)

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Sam Bourne aka Jonathan Freedland is proclaimed by the Daily Mirror to be the biggest challenger to Dan Brown and that claim appears at the top each book. But I'm not convinced. Despite the hype and the derision that surrounds Brown, I still think he is a better writer and story teller than Freedman's pseudonym.

In this book, Tom Byrne - ex UN lawyer, disillusioned by the failure to deliver justice to the victims of the Rwandan genocide, is called upon by one of his old colleagues to do one more job for the UN. A mistake by the NYPD intelligence department leads to the shooting of what appears to be an old Jewish tourist mistaken for a terrorist. Tom is sent on a mission to placate the old man's only living relative - a daughter called Rebecca.

The story is a mix of "now" and "then" in the form of a diary kept by the old man that tells of the horrors of the Holocaust and his role as avenger. There are these odd incongruous sex scenes and the constant drooling as Byrne lusts over the beautiful Rebecca. Totally out of place and unnecessary. And not even particularly good. I only read it because I run out of books and found it in the cupboard of discarded books at our caravan club.
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Re: The Final Reckoning -Sam Bourne (ok)

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