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Other Times - Leslie Thomas (G)

Posted: September 6th, 2019, 10:59 am
by Little John
Another old book on the kindle. Leslie Thomas was brought up in a children's home - hence "This Time Next Week". Although in this book he returns to what appears to be his favourite subject - the second world war - a large part of the book is about a home for child refugees from Europe.

The main character, James Bevin, was also put into a home, along with his younger sister, after his father disappeared and his mother died falling from an upstairs window. The book has a number of flashbacks about his early life but as he tells the story to his various girlfriends. But that isn't the main theme. In fact, its hard looking back, to say what the main theme was. James is the officer in charge of a Bofors gun crew. The war is slow to get going so most of the book is based in the south of England where people have yet to witness the full horror of what is to come. It is a nice easy book on the whole but there are moments.

I suppose its largely about relationships. relationships in a different time and place. There are lots of historic references, times places, habits and things. Stuff that my parents used to reminisce about. The book ends rather abruptly and having read it on a kindle, I had no idea that the end was in sight. I just pressed next page and that was that! To be honest, it could have just as easily have ended at any chapter, it was that sort of book. No real plot and no end to the war. No happy ever afters or anything like that. Just like life, really.

Re: Other Times - Leslie Thomas (G)

Posted: September 23rd, 2019, 9:55 am
by marymary
You’re not really selling it to me tbh.