[s]Love[/s]denunciate your neighbour - coronaphobia

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[s]Love[/s]denunciate your neighbour - coronaphobia

Post by Little John »

Denunciation was the keyword during the Spanish Inquisition, Romanov Russia and Nazi Germany. The population was so worked up and fearful that they jumped at the opportunity to report their neighbours and gloried in their demise. Ultimately its about fear. And Britain is gripped by fear at the moment. The Government did a good job in that respect but did it work too well?

Now we are trying to wind down from panic stations, get people back to work and the economy and education back on track, its proving harder than you'd think. Despite people going stir crazy, they seem locked in to a terror based state of self preservation and anyone who dares to question the rationality of mass agoraphobia is accused of heresy and should be put to the stake.

This is not good. Even people who once appeared to be level headed are now so obsessed with the stay at home mantra that they may never recover. It really is like a science fiction story of the worst kind. But anyone with a clear head must realise it can't go on like this forever. The virus is here to stay and we simply have to deal with it. Being safe is more than locking yourself away for the rest of your life. More accidents happen at home than anywhere else in the World and someone has to produce the stuff you hope to consume without leaving your home.

We need a massive population size dose of smelling salts or a therapeutic slap round the face for everyone to drag us out of this hysteria. Now burn me.
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Re: [s]Love[/s]denunciate your neighbour - coronaphobia

Post by marymary »

You’re not wrong. We became terrified because we didn’t want to be the instrument of our loved one’s destruction. We became irritated when others “didn’t get it”. We banged our saucepans or clapped for heroes and adopted wartime vocabulary.

I am going to have to go back to school in June and plan for terrified children and their families reentering something that will be a pale shadow of the lives they had before.

But, and here’s the rub, while I want things back to normal they won’t be while a discriminating virus cuts swathes of our population down. At some point soon we will have to choose to move forward and face up to the fact that we will be walking away from those who will be left behind. In the words of the meme, “Are we the baddies?”

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Re: [s]Love[/s]denunciate your neighbour - coronaphobia

Post by SRD »

That's a tricky package to undo. Linking denunciation with fear of the virus isn't necessarily what happens, don't forget that in those societies you refer to denunciation was rewarded. Generally, in this country, "Telling Tales" isn't socially encouraged.
Also, I suspect that all of us in some way or another could be seen to have 'broken the rules', so casting the first stone is a risky business.

And I'm not sure I agree with your premise that we'll just have to get used to it, that's the line being peddled by the Capitalists who see their profits falling away. That's the Trump/Johnson line, "We (meaning you) must get back to work because how else can we run Society to your (meaning our) benefit?"

If they can't find a cure or vaccine, or if the virus doesn't transmute into something less deadly, then it will continue to cut swathes through sections of the community - the elderly, those with underlying health problems, the Bame community and the poor. And those sections of the community don't go away, we all get old, fall ill, come from the backgrounds we all come from, only the poor have the chance of changing their situation, and those not under any government we've seen for decades.
Until it can be shown that having anti-bodies in our blood stream does give us resistance even those who have had it wont be safe, and it does appear that, with some people, repeated infection gets worse each time.
Also there's the long term effects the virus has on the rest of our bodies, damage to other internal organs that won't show up for years.

Although I agree that the fear is probably greater than the reality, like in the BSE crisis, we won't know for years what the long term fallout will be. Just blindly carrying on as normal can only worsen the situation. With BSE certain foodstuffs were removed from the food chain for years until it could be shown the national herd was BSE free, and that was done by culling, do we cull everyone with the virus?

No, we have to find ways of dealing with the situation that work for everyone and not just the few.
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