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Post by Little John »

Nice to see a link from Johnie Leather and nice to see a link from his site to this forum. It would be good if a few of them took advantage of the facilities here. Why don't we set up a proper biking forum?
Yes this is the real "Little John" (or it could be "colin whose birthday is the day after mine)

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Re: Re.links

Post by salem »

It was actually another mcc member Graham who set up the site when he got fed up waiting on the
promises of others to get what they claimed pro help to set a site up , hence the template format of the site .
With the apathy shown for the club itself in that example there's not much chance of getting the response for another forum in the short term .

Graham had put the link in quite a few months ago . :)

Post moved to ensure links don't get lost in the crowd . :wave:

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