How do I.....

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How do I.....

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I've got a short vid on dropbox I'd like to post here, how would I go about doing that?
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Re: How do I.....

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Hi Simon. Theresa did this recently with a music file. Tinypic dot something. See the thread about Elizabethan Serenade.

Or I'll do it for you and post a link here......

Here you go,
digger wrote:Next time he hums it , borrow his phone and video it :twisted:

It could then be uploaded to tinypic then linked to here

Could be done direct or via an account for more privacy.
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Re: How do I.....

Post by digger »

Drop box isn't listed for the auto embed but posting the link to the file will at least let us download it ,
the file should play on our desktops/laptops at least ,
what's the file type any how .

currently allowed as attachments : wma, wmv which means those can be attached to posts but still needs the local player to open them .
So your best bet for simplicity should be tiny pic .com
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