Catelites Bot [Malware]

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Catelites Bot [Malware]

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There is a new malware invading Android devices and using dirty tricks to steal users’ online banking info. SfyLabs exposed this malware, dubbed Catelites Bot. The malware is similar to a Russian outbreak earlier this year, where cybercriminals successfully stole over $900,000. (That malware was called “CronBot”—which shares similarities with the original Catelites Bot.)

you can unsuspectingly install this malware on your device in a number of ways, including through phony apps from third-party app stores (usually not official shops like Google Play), malicious adware (malvertisements), or phishing sites. Once downloaded onto your Android device, the malicious program looks like the icon seen in this screenshot below, titled “System Application.”
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When you click that “System App” icon, it asks you for admin rights. If you grant those permissions, the malware begins its work. The “System Application” icon disappears and three familiar-looking, trusted app icons appear on your homescreen: Gmail, Google Play, and Chrome

Now the trap is set and it’s just waiting for its prey. If you try to open any of the three new icons, you will get a fake overlay asking you to enter sensitive information like your credit card. Cybercriminals are hoping you won’t think twice about falling into this trap, since you’re so used to providing these kinds of details to a trusted app like Google. Another technique they use here is keeping the overlay up on your screen so it seems you can’t get rid of it unless you enter your card details. Refuse to fall for it!...

This tricky piece of malware also goes after your bank account login details, as it can pose as over 2,200 banks and financial institutions. Once you open your own banking app, the malware activates and places a fake overlay on your actual banking app’s screen, tricking you into entering your bank login details and credit card info. Once you provide this, the hackers have access to your account and credit card.
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Re: Catelites Bot [Malware]

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According to Microsoft, my windows phone cannot be compromised due to the way it works and the fact that apps for it can only come from the store. And because there so few users it's not worth while. Do not all smart phones have similar protection against changes to their software?
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