Downton Abbey - a new era. (Film)

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Downton Abbey - a new era. (Film)

Post by Nimuae »

Spent a most uncomfortable 2:10mins in the Vue Cinema. For some inconceivable reason they have made all their seats ‘recliners’ so one cannot sit upright properly - even with the footrests down - but have to slouch at an angle that risks curvature of the spine! I had to make a sort of cushion to support my back by rolling my jacket round my handbag. Will not be going there again.

As for the film - the phrase over milking the cash cow comes to mind. A pathetic script over stuffed with fragmented stories - most of which were completely unecessary and also unbelievable. The best bit of the whole film was at the end - Maggie Smith on her death bed - family gathered weeping and wailing - Maggie says ‘Stop that noise, I can’t hear myself dying’. She always did have the best lines!
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Re: Downton Abbey - a new era. (Film)

Post by Leigh »

Since I never saw the series, I guess I'll give this a miss, too. :D
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Re: Downton Abbey - a new era. (Film)

Post by marymary »

I gave up on Downton a long time ago. I will wait until it moves to TV and even then I might not watch it. I miss going to the cinema though.

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Re: Downton Abbey - a new era. (Film)

Post by Quaver »

I watched a few series. I love it.
Would love to watch the film, when it comes on TV.

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