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TV Highlights

Post by marymary » ... ighlights/

9pm, BBC One
I’m becoming faintly hypnotised by McMafia, because, while it’s hard not to admire the sheer scale and ambition of this production about international organised crime’s multi-tentacled financial operations, it’s harder yet to stay engaged with it in any respect as a drama, and that’s a crying shame. Maybe it’s the globe-spanning nature of it that’s helping to slow it up: they’ve spent so much cash filming on location all over the world they want to make sure they get their money’s worth onscreen, with the result we get lots of intrinsically uninteresting holiday brochure shots held far too long, and not much story. Really, though, what’s killing it is the absence of any characters amid the scenery that it is possible to care much about. That, and all the close-ups of people clicking computer mouses. Still, there are some stirrings of life tonight, in scenes involving preparations to heist a heroin shipment in India, and as Alex’s (James Norton) secret activities come under scrutiny, at work and at home.

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Re: TV Highlights

Post by SRD »

Isn't the term 'TV Highlights' an oxymoron?
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Re: TV Highlights

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Not necessarily. There are some excellent programmes out there now and again.
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